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Our Story

In a crisis, we did what Canadians do  help.

When the pandemic triggered a global shortage in medical supplies, we went right to work.

We retooled a factory towards mask production.
We developed a mask prototype.
We got people working and paid.

In a little over a week, we spoke to five doctors and a dentist about their needs, we talked to health workers on the front lines, and we heard from other workers who are keeping our communities and country functioning in the middle of a pandemic.

Grocery store workers keeping us fed, postal service workers delivering our packages, public servants processing our EI claims, and so many more. They need protection too.

Our team of Canadian entrepreneurs came together to help them. By developing a viable mask that we can produce here at home, TakeCare Supply is relieving pressure on medical grade supplies for those who need it most.

The effects of the pandemic aren't limited to health. People are also being laid off and losing their jobs as our economy grounds to a halt. We had to do something about it.

That's how TakeCare Supply was born.

We are proud Canadians doing what Canadians do when people need help. TakeCare Supply is:

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